Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Addiction - Looking for the answer?

So how many know about addiction?  What are the many ways are there to be addicted?  How many things include addiction?
I recently ran into an old acquaintance who was looking for some coaching with one of their kids.  It dawned on me as I looked on line at statistics at all the moms, dads and grandparents had no way of knowing where to start.  How on a limited budget that the options were slim.

How do they begin to gather the knowledge, to obtain the support or even where to begin.  If you are that parent, that grandmother, that friend and you are looking for someone to ask, then extend this page to them and have them email me at luckytwobeme@gmail.com

They need hope, they need answers and they need awareness.  It's easy to say, go talk to your pastor, your priest, their parents but is it really that easy?  

I believe the answer is no.  You forget that people are embarrassed,  misinformed and disbelief sets in.  It can't be my child...

Well in a world where drugs are sold everywhere and made available to just about everyone, don't say it can't be my child because it can.

Have hope and let me know if you need our support.

Reach out and ponder on how easy drugs are to get.  I think you'll be surprised.

Hoping to hear from you...

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