Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So what do you think about when you think of this word?

So many of us think of weak, not standing up for yourself, powerless or submissive.  But do you know the Greek meaning of this word?

Meek=Exercising God's strength under His control.  

How many of our teens today know or understand the meaning of this word?  This is a word we should be teaching our young adults today.  Teaching them to curb their natural desires to rebel or fight or to have their own way. 

I had my son look up this word and his first response was "I don't think I like this word"  However, he didn't look at the actual Greek meaning of this word, he just saw that this word contained the word  "weak" in one of the definitions and decided he didn't like it.

It's up to us as adults, as parents and as mentors to teach them the true meaning of this.  That if they draw their strength in God then all things are possible.  Careers, college, continuing eduction and trade schools are in each and everyone of them who want to better themselves by trying.  It just takes encouragement on our part.  It takes our time which requires nothing except our time.  

So I ask, who has ten minutes to encourage one of our young adults today?  Who is willing to go the extra step.

A point to ponder on my friends... 

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