Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grace forgives the sinner

I learned a lesson today as I was listening to an online sermon.
I learned that Grace forgives the sinner but Grace does not forgive the sin.
How many times do we think as teens, that we're unstoppable? Or maybe I have
so many lives that just one more time won't hurt?  

How many times have we told a complete stranger "thank you" and turned around and lashed out on someone we love?
When I look back at all the missed opportunities I could have had to change someone's life, I look to the future and look at how many lives I may still have the opportunity to change.

As I continue the next step for Lucky2BeMe, I try and think of all the lives that this plan will change.  I'm excited about this next step in my journey not only to help a teen but a plan that will also help me become a better person.  

 I had dinner with my friend last night, a girl I met through the Boys & Girls Club of America.  She was someone that was passionate about life and doing good things for her school and her community.  I looked at her face as she told me about winning another scholarship award because of all of her efforts.  The effort that was put in by her and her alone, no help from a loved one that she admired.  I often think of how many teens that are out there just looking for someone to share their joy with but cannot find them.  How little effort it requires of us to lend an ear. 

She is my inspiration to become a better person and that I thank her for.

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